Acer" Empowering People"


Product Strategy
Acer is the largest of computer that many people around the world know and accepted it. Strategy of product is the Famous Brand and Price that many people can process and make them to be modernist by use Acer.

Selling Point 
>> RESONABLE PRICE                                        


Acer have logo by use letter "acer" in green tone that easy to remember and clear about their brand.


Acer computer with slogan "Empowering Technology" that mean the high technology and the power from Acer compter it's make your life have a powerful. Acer empowering people to reach thier goals and enhance their lives.

Brand Value

One word that suitible for this brand is "Poppular" Because Acer is the "outstanding brand performane" of computer that high property and quality and to be number one of customer choose.
"Acer Empowering People"

Target Group

The target group of Acer are many groups of customer and especially the people that want to be a "modearnist." Because Acer make the customer have good feel when they using it by the Popular Brand. So the "Midle Class" such as the student or business man are the large customer group of Acer,because the high quality and resonable price. Acer is the number one of computer that most of student in university choose.


The position of brand is the middle brand that many people around the world knowed. By the reasonable price strategy that every group of customer can processing. Besides, the beautiful design of every series in Acer it's suitible for each work. That make good image for Acer brand also that told the modern style of customer.

Thus, the "middle class" is the most of people around the world and they choose Acer computer for the Best choice for  their life also.

Products Line

Acer have many products that classify to three main series.

TravelMate >> This Acer series that suitible with the modern business professional with the modern design and luxurious style. It's have good property with processor and excellent graphics solution for great performance.

Aspire >> This Acer series that suitible for every group of customer especially the student or teenage because the standard programe that the customer want and the resonable price that their can processing.This series extreme performance, extreme battery life, extreme connectivity and extremely thin designs.

Extensa >> This Acer series that suitible for the modern person who like the high and new technology in globalization.With high property programe and windows life, extremely speed besides that, it's more graphics for every works.This is the special computer for the customer specially designer programmer  

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